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Drei Weltmeister on the Podium in Bremen (Kopie)

Nach 18 Jahren kehrt die NIGHT of the JUMPs zurück in die Hansestadt Bremen!

After the successful season opener in Munich in front of a sold-out crowd in the Olympic Hall, NIGHT of the JUMPs celebrated its comeback in Bremen on Saturday after 18 years. And it did so with a premiere. The format presented in the ÖVB Arena marked the return to the roots of the sporting event and replaced the Team Contest. The three FMX world champions Maikel Melero (ESP), Libor Podmol (CZE) and Luc Ackermann (GER), who fought a tough battle for the Tour Championship, took part.

In the new competition format, the freestyle MX athletes will be judged online by experts from three continents, with the head judge on site in the arena. The eight athletes will compete in two groups in the qualifiers for  four places in the final. The two riders who are ranked first and second in the current IFMXF World Ranking will each draw three more riders from a lottery pot, similar to the procedure in the Football Champions League. The best two riders from the qualifying groups will reach the final of the evening, where the winner will be determined. “With the new format, we are returning to our roots and are finally a clear competition again,” said a delighted CEO Marko Manthey.

The young Czech Pepa Aron opened the qualification with tricks such as Superflip, Tsunami, Superflip Indy, Stripper or the Cordova Backflip as a double up trick. This earned him 62 points from the judges.  The second rider was Filip Podmol from the Czech Republic, who came third in last year's NIGHT of the JUMPs series. He presented Holygrab, Clicker to Superflip Indy, Shaolin Backflip, Switchblade Flip, TP, Basejumper, Hartindy Backflip and the Rulerflip over the Next Gen Ramp. He received a whopping 74 points for this. Marc Pinyol from Spain was the third starter. He performed tricks such as the 9-O-Clock, Clicker Backflip, Cordova Backflip, Tsunami Backflip, Indy to Indy Backflip, Switchblade Flip and the Frontflip as a double up. This was rewarded by the jury with 75 points. Five-time FMX World Champion Maikel Melero completed the first qualification group. Onehand Seatgrab Indy Flip, Cliffhanger Flip, Cordova Flip, Tsunami Flip, Tsunami, Whip Flip, Rock Solid, Cliffhanger and the NoHand Frontflip as Double Up earned him 81 points and the top position in Group 1.

Mikolaj Tempka opened the second qualifying round. The Polish athlete performed Cliffhanger, Doublgrab Indy, Nohand Backflip, Nac Backflip, Clicker Backflip, Cordova Backflip, Superflip and a Superflip Indy as a double up. This earned him 66 points.  2010 World Champion Libor Podmol (CZE) was the second rider in this group to start. The birthday boy turned 40 on Saturday, making him the oldest rider ever to compete at a NIGHT of the JUMPs. Libor presented Clicker to Indy Flip, Cordova Backflip, Switchblade Flip, Supercan Indy Backflip, Rock Solid Indy, Underflip, the 9-O-Clock over the Next Gen ramp and the Cliffhanger Flip as a double up. He received 78 points for this. Whipmaster Matej Cesak was third at the start. Suicide Backflip, Whipped Indy 9-O-Clock, massive Tsunami over the Next Gen ramp, Superflip Indy, Lazyboy Flip, Tsunami Backflip, Clicker to Superflip over the Next Gen and a Hartattack Backflip as a double up. This earned 76 points from the judges. The German FMX Terminator Luc Ackermann finished the qualification and how! His first trick was the frontflip, followed by a clicker flip, flatspin 360, seatgrab flip, cliffhanger, massive hoylgrab over the next gen, tsunami backflip and double backflip as a double up. With 87 points, he secured the highest score of the qualification and the last starting place for the final.

With Libor Podmol, Maikel Melero and Luc Ackermann, three FMX World Champions made it to the final. Marc Pinyol completed the field of riders and opened the final round straight away. He wanted to start his run in spectacular fashion and immediately pulled a California roll, which ended in a massive crash. But the Spaniard got up immediately and jumped back on his bike. With a bent handlebar, he performed a Clicker Flip, Cordova Backflip, Superflip, 9-O-Clock and a Surfer Tsunami Backflip over the Next Gen Ramp as a double up.

He was followed by Libor Podmol, who presented a good run with Clicker to Indy Flip, Cordova Flip, Switchblade Flip, Supercan Indy Dlip, Catwalk, Underflip, 9-O-Clock over the Next Gen, Indy to Indy Backflip and Cliffhanger Backflip as a double up.


Maikel Melero was to put the leading Luc Ackermann in trouble with his final run. California Roll, Seatgrab Indy Backflip, Cliffhanger Flip, Cordova Flip, Tsunami Flip, Tsunami, Whip Flip, Indy Rock Solid and the Frontflip NoHand as a double up. It was a spectacular run that only someone else could top. And Luc Ackermann was on fire. He started with the Frontflip, followed by a Clicker to Tsunami Flip, 360 and Hartattack Backflip. To counter Melero, Luc also performed the frontflip NoHand, followed it up with a holygrab over the Next Gen Ramp, performed the most massive tsunami flip of the evening and completed his run with the double backflip as a double up. This was a clear victory for the German FMX Terminator Luc Ackermann, who relegated Maikel Melero to second place and Libor Podmol to third.

The Best Whip Contest was a battle between the two Czech athletes Matej Cesak and Filip Podmol. Filip Podmol showed different whip variations, while Matej Cesak performed his massive turndown lookback whip. In the end, Matej won the Whip Contest and has been the unbeaten NIGHT of the JUMPs Whip Champion for more than a year.

The Synchro Contest was won by the Podmol brothers with switchblade flips and cliffhangers ahead of Mikolaj Tempka and Nico Teixier. The MTB Best Trick was won by Dan Miler (CZE) with his NoHand Twister.

With his victory in Bremen, Luc Ackermann also remains in the  NIGHT of the JUMPs Tour Ranking 2024 with 40 points ahead of Maikel Melero (36 points) and Marc Pinyol (30 points).

The next NIGHT of the JUMPs event will take place on September 7 at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. The next points for the 2024 World Tour Ranking will be decided there.



LINK LIVESTREAM NIGHT of the JUMPs Bremen 01.06.2024:


Overall NIGHT of the JUMPs  Bremen – 01.06.2024 Results


  1. Luc Ackermann (GER)            90 Points
  2. Maikel Melero (ESP)               85 Points
  3. Libor Podmol (CZE)                79 Points
  4. Marc Pinyol (ESP)                   74 Points
  5. Matej Cesak (CZE)                  
  6. Filip Podmol (CZE)                  
  7. Mikolaj Tempka (POL)
  8. Aron Pepa (CZE)

Freestyle Motocross Qualifikationsgruppe 1

  1. Maikel Melero (ESP)               81 Points
  2. Marc Pinyol (ESP)                   75 Points
  3. Filip Podmol (CZE)                  74 Points
  4. Aron Pepa (CZE)                     62 Points

Freestyle Motocross Qualifikationsgruppe 2

  1. Luc Ackermann (GER)             87 Points
  2. Libor Podmol (CZE)                 78 Points
  3. Matej Cesak (CZE)                  76 Points
  4. Mikolaj Tempka (POL)             66 Points


Whip Contest

  1. Matej Cesak (CZE)              
  2. Filip Podmol (CZE)                     


Synchro Contest

  1. Filip Podmol & Libor Podmol (CZE)
  2. Mikolaj Tempka (POL) & Nico Teixier (FRA)


MTB Best Trick

  1. Dan Miler (CZE)


NIGHT of the JUMPs World Tour Ranking 2024 (nach 2 Contest)

  1. Luc Ackermann (GER)     40 Points
  2. Maikel Melero (ESP)        36 Points
  3. Marc Pinyol (ESP)            30 Points
  4. Matej Cesak (CZE)           24 Points
  5. Filip Podmol (CZE)           19 Points
  6. Mikolaj Tempka (POL)      18 Points
  7. Libor Podmol (CZE)          16 Points
  8. Pepa Aaron (CZE)             15 Points
  9. Davide Rossi (ITA)            14 Points
  10. Colby Gort (USA)              10 Points


NIGHT of the JUMPs 2024 - Freestyle MX World Tour Championship

  • Sa.        07.09.2024          Zürich                  Hallenstadion
  • Sa.         05.10.2024          Berlin                   Uber Arena
  • Sa.         26.10.2024          Köln                     Lanxess Arena
  • Sa.         09.11.2024          Hannover            ZAG Arena
  • Sa.         12.04.2025          München             Olympiahalle

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