NIGHT of the JUMPs

Das Original

The NIGHT of the JUMPs is the oldest and largest international Freestyle MX series in the world active in more than 21 countries on 4 continents. NIGHT of the JUMPs unique mixture of international top-class sport with classical show elements such as pyro- and lighting technology attract more than 3. Million spectators since 2001.


Since the debut in (Riesa / Germany) nearly 300 NIGHT of the JUMPs events have been produced and fans originally invited by their parents will now join the exciting show together with their own kids.

Worldwide Attention

Beside this unique three Generation entertainment NIGHT of the JUMPs is a widely recognized media hub with TV broadcasted in 142 countries with a total on airtime of more than 500 hours annually. Fans throughout the world use multiple online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Livestreams) to follow the world tour and stay up to date with the latest development in freestyle MX.