Petr Pilat

Petr Pilat NIGHT of the JUMPs

Date Of Birth


Born In / Resides in

Benesov - Czech Republic / Pysely - Czech Republic

Height / Weight

191 cm / 80 Kg

FMX since / Bike

2005 / KTM SX 250

About this rider

Like many Petr started off with a successful junior motocross career in the Czech Republic. It wasn’t until a bad crash at the age of 13 that left him close to death and in a coma that he realized that despite the injuries and the crash, he wanted to fly, and wanted to ride freestyle. Once back on the bike Petr proved a natural and within a year he had become the youngest person ever to land a backflip. (Age 14)

Fast forward to 2015 and after a decade of hard work Petr has finally landed in the top echelon of FMX riders. After a number on consistent years at NIGHT of the JUMPs Petr had his breakthrough win in 2015 claiming the European Championship in one of the closest title races in history. With a long career ahead of him Petr will now aim now switch his focus to claiming the holy grail of FMX, the FIM FMX World Championship.