Marcin Lukaszczyk

Martin Koren NIGHT of the JUMPs

Date Of Birth

Born In / Resides in

Godziesze Wielkie, Poland / Godziesze Wielkie, Poland

Height / Weight


FMX since / Bike

2005 / Yamaha YZ250

About this rider

The world heard about Marcin Lukaszczyk, when one of the most prestigious magazines of the time Transworld Motocross published an interview with him in regards to the insane videos he was posting on YouTube. The article and videos discussed in depth his strong desire to succeed and the lengths he would go to in order to live his dreams. The videos that made him famous showed him riding his CZ 250 off home built ramps and landing on makeshift landings such as a pile of straw or in the thick shrubbery of nearby bushes.

It’s the big heart for the sport that made Marcin never give up and it’s the main reason he has forged such a successful career in which he is known for his smooth style and is fearless attitude.