Marc Pinyol

Marc Pinol NIGHT of the JUMPs

Date Of Birth


Born In / Resides in

Almenar / Lleida

Height / Weight

165 cm /64 Kg

FMX since / Bike

/ Yamaha YZ 250

About this rider

For the majority of Marc’s career he has been riding in obscurity. One of the many young riders coming from Spain showing a lot of flair and style and he needed something to help him stand out, to help him reach his dreams of being on the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Championship Tour.

In January of 2015 things changed for the rising star from the Lleids Crew when he attempted and landed the World’s first Inside Roll. The trick never before seen in FMX in which the rider lets go of the handlebars and performs a full front somersault before grabbing control of the bike again provided Marc almost instant fame and moved him from the unknown rider in Spain to the YouTube sensation who was progressing FMX to new heights.  A solid year of riding in 2015 including an agonizing loss in European Qualifying in Linz culminated in a tour contract for 2016 and what Marc hopes will be a long career at NIGHT of the JUMPs.