Dany Torres

Dany Torres, NIGHT of the JUMPs

Date Of Birth


Born In / Resides in

Sevilla / Arahal (Sevilla)

Height / Weight

170 cm / 60 Kg

FMX since / Bike

2002 / KTM

About this rider

Dany Torres first started riding when he was three, after his father bought him his first bike for Christmas. Since then, the young Spaniard has barely let go of the throttle. Having spent his early years learning how to ride, he soon began racing in the Mx and SX championships with considerable success. However, Dany was about to have an epiphany.

When he was 15 he had a at FMX stunt riding and, by his own admission, it “changed my life.” No longer was Dany earth-bound and in a pack; from now on it was big air, outrageous stunts and cheering crowds. After debuting at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid in 2004 at only 17 years of age and finishing 7th it wouldn’t take long for Dany to taste success on the FMX stage. Strong performances in 2005 and 2006 and a new training regime culminated in a victory for Torres at X-Fighters in Mexico City in 2007, his first on the X-Fighters series. In 2011 after years of bad luck and injury Torres finally reached the potential he showed from an early age taking out the X-Fighters series in its final event in Sydney.

As his career has exploded on and off the track, Dany has managed to stay humble and level headed, “Today, my priorities and goals are the same I had when I started, keep on riding and doing as many events as possible but the most important thing is to have fun!”