Massimo Bianconcini

Massimo Bianconcini NIGHT of the JUMPs

Date Of Birth


Born In / Resides in

Bologna / Monterenzio

Height / Weight

169 cm / 67 KG

FMX since / Bike

2000 / KTM SX 250

About this rider

As the oldest competitor at NIGHT of the JUMPs, Massimo knows his way around an FMX track. From humble beginnings in a small city outside of Bologna in Italy’s north, Massimo has grown into one of the sport’s biggest names and continues to improve his riding year after year.

After a disappointing finish in 2006 during the World Championships inaugural year, Massimo hit the training track hard and steadily improved to become one the most consistent riders on tour. A top 10 finish in 2008 and a 7th place finish in 2009 proved that Massimo could match it with the world’s best.

Despite again improving in 2010 to 5th place, Massimo cold never bridge the gap between the top 4 riders. Nowadays Massimo has turned his focus to the Maxxis Highest Air and after breaking the world record in 2011 with 11.5m and claiming the Step-Up World Championship in 2012,2013 and 2014 he is still the man to beat.