5 Questions with Luc Ackermann

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Hey Luc, you broke your femur a couple of months ago. What happened?

In the middle of September, I had a training session on our compound. I wanted to jump a couple of new tricks for the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Jerez and Cologne. First, I made a pretty good volt in the pit. Then I wanted to go straight to another one. Unfortunately, the bike did not come as it should and I took a crazy impact on the bike. The femur has broken through.


Did you immediately feel that something was broken?

I immediately noticed that the femur is through. I was totally frustrated. I had such a good season with some podium places at the NIGHT of the JUMPs. I had two new tricks that I wanted to show in Cologne. But that is the sport. We must learn to deal with injuries.


How does the femur feel now?

The femur feels very good. The doctor said the bone is firmer than before. I’ve got two more screws now that will be removed in a year.


You just finished your first training session on the bike. How did it work?

It was fantastic. I was not on the bike for almost six months and could hardly wait for it. I drove a little bit in the flat and then I tested the ramp. After a few jumps I took a couple of tricks directly and I’m already flipping.


When do you want to go back into the contest?

The goal is to get back into the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Krakow again. I hope I have all the tricks up to then. That still depends on the weather, as I can train here in Niederdorla. But at the latest in Munich on April 22, all my combo’s will be shown again.